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The Gestalt psychology and organization development is based on the fact that we all experience reality in a subjective way and differently from each other. We perceive our surroundings, develop our point of views, think and make decisions individually because of our altering past experiences.

Gestalt school focuses on the interaction of the people and their surroundings. The possibility of changing this interaction is based on the discovery and broadening of our own subjective world.

Creative Coaching supposes that we are less victims of our surroundings, rather creators of it by using subconscious tools of limitations.

Creative Coaching defines skills and talents as an available natural source in everybody partially hidden by limiting patters and not as determined abilities.

Executive coaching supports the change of the individuals and through them the change of the organizational units.

Group coaching deals with maximum 12 people. Participants experience the power of the theories, methods and practices through their own changes. All of our courses
support the successful and effective expressions of a person.

Life coaching is an effective tool to support changes. Any outer change can only be permanent through inner changes. Otherwise our own unconscious resistance will block the results. We are convinced from our birth that our pursuit of stability leads to safety. Our aim is to help clients to create and maintain surroundings in which the changes can be natural and comfortable.