Individual Motivation

and Burnout recovery


  • Lack of inspiration or motivation in current role 
  • Lack of drive in current role
  • Disillusionment of what role is being played by the individual or the team the individual leads, to the success or failure of the organisation
  • Individual feeling down and requiring a lift.



  • A study is required of the organisation’s  business and what are its core values, vision and goals.
  • Understanding of the organisation’s hierarchy and structure. 

INITIAL MEETING (One-on-one. Either face-to-face or via Zoom)

  • Establish that I am here to assist by providing the individual with the necessary tools and guidance to recover from their current state. This can only be achieved collaboratively. The drive and motivation has to eventually come from within the individual’s self.
  • Acquiring background information of the individual (ie. employment history, current work history in the role and what is the current role of the individual).
  • Understanding what was the individual successes and failures during their tenure with the organisation.
  • What they believe has led them to feel that there is a lack of motivation or sense of feeling burnt-out.


  • Based on the information provided in the RESEARCH INTO ORGANISATION and the INITIAL MEETING


  • Create or design a strategical plan to assist the individual
  • The plan is discussed and agreed upon collaboratively
  • An agreed schedule is agreed upon to maintain support and track progress.


  • The plan has a component to “check-in” or conduct a “pulse-check” within a certain (agreed upon) timeframe. There will be a period of reflection and revaluation of the plan and measure success.
  • Defining support to the individual and maintain success or provide guidance towards other TransFlow programs.

Jeeva Sankaradas (Jeeva)

Talent – finding solutions to issues in workspaces by actively listening to both parties. Transforming teams and individuals into achievers. We help facilitate seeking of solutions in cooperation with the teams. This may be in productivity, conflicts and motivational aspect.

Experience – have achieved and attained the following:

More than 10 years experience as a People Manager (where my team had achieve financial targets, managed complex human resource issues, developed leaders, public speaking at team presentations and performed regular individual appraisals.
3 years in coaching professional youth football (where team building and motivation was fundamental to my coaching philosophy.